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Jessie & Justin

Here's what our customers are saying...

"I purchased a Marlin 45/70 TD for my husband for Christmas this year for an Alaska guide gun, and it brought a grown man tears of joy! Lee Hadaway worked with me for 6 months to help me understand what I was buying, how we were going to convert the gun to a TD version and what the heck a recoil pad, ghost ring sights, and just how tough Lee’s Gunkote really is! Along with the gun, I purchased the leather hand crafted case and it’s a must with this gun, no other way about it! Let me tell ya pictures won’t ever do this gun justice.


Shot it on Christmas EVE and punched 6 holes into the woodpile one after another right on top of each other right out of the package!"

Jessie K.   Wyoming

" Lee, thank you for the beautiful custom takedown Marlins that you built for me. Not only are they beautiful, but the function is flawless. These rifles are amazing, I call them my sawed off cannons. I had been dreaming of this build for about 10 years before you made it a reality. Whenever I take these out, people are impressed to say the least. They are a big hit with the shooters at several clubs I shoot at.

   I will tell anyone that will listen, "Lee Hadaway is one fine gunsmith, and there is no one out there that is any easier to deal with. Have him do some custom work for you, and trust me, you will be pleased. I sure am."
Thanks again Lee,"
Greg C.    New York

"I have been shooting for over 50 years and saw my first Hadaway take-down about a year ago at the local range, my spontaneous reaction was a silent "wow - I must have that". Since receiving mine, I have seen the same reaction of wonderment in every single person who has held it. The style, workmanship, silky action, accuracy and crisp trigger are perfection itself. It is the closest thing that I know of to both a work of art and a favorite tool."
Peter P.    New York


"As usual, Ruthie and I started the New Year off with a little range time in the afternoon.  This year it was all custom 1911s, ARs, and Shotguns by Hadaway.   We shot a "bunch" of .45 acp, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 12 gauge for a couple hours spread out over drills, bench work, and some fun stuff (like skeet with the Tactical 3 Gun Remington 1100 you built and tuned for low recoil buckshot).  And, as is typical, all without a failure to feed, fire, or extract.

Lee the fit and finish of your work is exemplary; for instance, the seam where the S&A magazine guide mates with the Colt's receiver cannot be felt.  The GunKote appears to be nearly new, and on some of the guns it's 7 years old.  All machining, like the left side bolt handles on all the ARs, is flawless.  On all the projects over the years, communicating the details of personal preferences was been made easy.  Thanks, that's a service that's gotten hard to find lately.
Ruthie and I have launched thousands of rounds through these guns over the years and it remains apparent my original requirements for absolute functionality, accuracy, finish, and everyday use were built into these firearms.  You can expect a call from me this Spring to discuss a new project..."
Charles F.    Oregon

"Lee Hadaway has worked on no less than 10 of my personal firearms over the last 12  years.  Work has ranged from the simple fix to the complex custom job.  His experience in "all things Gun" make a difficult request easy for him to deliver on.....and at prices that dont cost an arm and a leg.  Great attention to detail and customer service after the work is completed make him "my gunsmith".  Of all the work he has done for me my favorite is the Marlin 44 Mag conversion rifle.  He shortened the bbl, installed a handmade barrel band, fitted a recoil pad and attached a rail for optics.  Lee has the tendancy to think outside the box and I am proud to own this rifle."
Beau J.    New Mexico State Patrol