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"Achieve Tactical Superiority"


Tactical and Sporting AR-15s built to your specifications. We recommend Gun Kote for the final finish on most firearms. It is self lubricating and 40 times more durable than blueing. It can be applied to any metal (including aluminum) and comes in a wide variety of colors. This AR is two tone copper and satin black.


Our new left side bolt handle may give you the tactical advantage you need. With our bolt handle installed, you can clear a malfunction while keeping the muzzle on target. $165 includes installation and shipping.


A matched pair of ARs. In the background is a 223 and in the front is its little brother, a dedicated 22 long rifle. They have a grassland color scheme in their Gun Kote camo finish. We can provide any color combination you prefer.



This AR was built for a customer who shoots a lot of prarie dogs. The Gun Kote colors on this rifle are black and tan with a slight green tint.


Close up of the black and tan showing the left side bolt handle and the textured finish on the buttstock and pistol grip.