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"Achieve Tactical Superiority"


Before - Remington 1100 purchased on for less than $350

Remington 1100 Tactical

After - My tactical/3 gun conversion. Scattergun Trak Lock ghost ring sights, 2 shot extension, jumbo head safety, side saddle, Choate extended bolt handle and Speedfeed stocks. Cut barrel to 18", solder on front sight, drill and tap for rear sights, left side sling mounts, tune for reliability with light loads and GunKote finish.


Before - Left Side of 1100

Remington 1100 Tactical

After - Same 1100. How do you like the chrome bolt now?


Before - Trigger Group


After - Same trigger group after GunKoting. I completely disassemble the firearm and GunKote each individual part by hand. I do not GunKote the springs because I do not like baking them to cure the GunKote.