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"Achieve Tactical Superiority"


Rev War Cav Saber with broke gurd and missing the leather and wire on the grip


After restoration.


Original Henry sent to me for restoration. Most of the internal parts were missing.


Original bolt (above) and the one I made from scratch. The extractor was missing and the firing pin was frozen in the bolt. I had to cut the firing pin in half to get the bolt out of the receiver. Check out the 2 piece firing pin. Not too shabby since I had nothing to go use as a reference.


Original bolt (above) and the new bolt fully assembled and properly aged.


Parts for the Henry that I fit or made from scratch. Some were reproduction parts and some were original Win 73 parts. I enjoy rebuilding/restoring antique guns, but I tend to pick and choose my projects. I use it as a departure from what I call "everyday run of the mill gunsmithing".